About Us

Formed in 1985, APEC has had the opportunity to serve over eighty (80) clients on a thousand plus (1000+) projects and studies worldwide, on over ninety (90) industrial sites.  The mid-western United States represents APEC’s primary geographical market.  Overseas projects have been served in conjunction with process equipment vendors.  APEC is prepared to support either owner-led or vendor-led design teams, with complete and / or partial design packages.

APEC engineers are keenly aware of the concepts of project management.  Our background is in projects, from initial feasibility studies, scope development, capital cost estimates, engineering and design, and purchase specifications, to construction monitoring and start-up assistance.  We are familiar with both new construction and renovation of existing facilities or process lines.  All APEC engineers have experience on construction sites and in industrial environments.

APEC’s exposure to projects from conception to start-up allows us to realize that, in addition to detail design, our clients may have requirements that include:
a) developing a project scope from a concept
b) creation of cost estimates for funding of projects
c) addressing the maintainability of project components
d) start-up assistance following construction completion
e) troubleshooting and process analysis of existing systems

APEC is prepared to support these requirements with all engineering disciplines; architectural, civil, electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, piping, structural and process.  All engineering drawings are generated using AutoCAD, by the APEC design team.

The early years of APEC were devoted exclusively to the Pulp and Paper industry.  Much of the paper industry is process oriented but there is also material handling, converting, conveying, packaging, power, water treatment, waste water treatment, bulk material transfer, and warehousing.  Work in the Pulp and Paper industry has given APEC experience with flammable and highly corrosive materials and environments.  APEC is also familiar with hazardous areas such as those around boilers and high pressure steam.  The majority of our work is on product lines that run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so we understand how to design for minimal disruption of on-going operations.  Our background is in heavy industrial plants and processes and it is important for us to maintain our expertise in these areas.  Experience gained in these areas is applicable to many other industries.  We have recently completed projects in the food industry, steel manufacturing, municipal waste treatment, roofing material manufacturing and other light manufacturing facilities.