Our Team

APEC’s biggest asset is it’s people, their experience and flexibility. We bring the exceptional capabilities of our technical and management staff to every project, with their commitment to excellence through many years of experience working on projects that have been very successful throughout the world. Our staff is a collection of Drafters, Designers, Engineers, Project Managers, and Administrative/IT personnel striving for one common goal, the Client’s Goals.

APEC brings the following benefits to their projects:

  • Although historically, APEC’s work has been primarily in the paper industry, we are keenly aware of the concepts of project management. We are familiar with both new construction and renovation to existing facilities or process lines. Our background is in projects, from initial feasibility studies, scope development, estimates, engineering and design, and purchase specifications, to construction monitoring and start-up assistance. Working in the paper industry has developed APEC’s expertise in process, converting and material handling types of manufacturing.

  • Traditionally, all of our work is in facilities with 24/7 operations. It is a common design consideration to engineer a project to be installed with minimal impact on existing operations.

APEC has multiple registered professional engineering licenses in the following states:

  • Indiana

  • Kentucky

  • Maryland

  • Michigan

  • New York

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

APEC believes in the capabilities of its staff members and the work they do. Resumes of  APEC’s personnel may be obtained by contacting us.