APEC Pilot Machine

APEC has undertaken a major project to resurrect a vintage pilot paper machine which was destinied for the trash heap.  This machine was rescued in 2009 from a customer who no longer had a use for it.  It was produced in 1953 by PapierFabrik in Germany and carries the serial number VM11, which is how we will designate it from here on into the future.  We are also on the hunt for similar machines by this company and will maintain a log of known machines.  The ressurection has involved a complete reconstruction of the machine back to operating condition and the first run of paper occurred in July of 2015.  The primary goal of the reconstruction was to provide an operating machine to setup and run at school, museums and shows, as a tool to interest coming generations in the science and joy of papermaking. This machine will also soon be available for APEC customers to run trial runs of paper and will be portable with a truck designed to load it, and all its’ support equipment, and transport it to customer facilities within 500 miles.  Please browse through the gallery to see the steps required to bring this project to completion.